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admin Aug 3 '17
My dog Max had been very healthy, without any ear problems until about two years ago. For no apparent reason he started to develop ear problems.

Smelly (yeasty) ears that became tender to touch and a real bother for him. He would scratch and yelp at the pain, nothing seemed to help.

I have had him treated (with external drops into each ear) a number of times and he seems to get better at first. After a couple of weeks the vets had declared him infection free, only to have him re-infect within the following month or so.

Most recently I had him put on steroids (orally - one per day) for the swelling and antibiotics with a steroid topically (twice a day in each ear). 

Back to the vet hospital yesterday and he has a clean bill of health. Have to wean him off the steroids over the next few weeks and keeping my fingers crossed this time that he does not get reinfected.

Anyone else out there experiencing the same problems? How did you treat your dog? Was the treatment successful? How do you keep his / her ears infection free going forward?

Rosechild Aug 12 '17
My cousin just had that happen to her dog in Calgary. I'll ask her what they did.
admin Aug 13 '17
Thanks, look forward to hearing about some sound remedies.