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As a person owned by dogs, I love going with my canine overlords to the local off leash dog park. It is a place of great happiness both for my dogs and for me.


My older male dog, Luke, ambles around slowly, sniffing thoroughly every tuft of grass, every bush, every pebble and every tree. Then he thoughtfully pees on carefully selected locations, three drops here, three drops there, until he is finally satisfied (and empty). It can take half an hour to walk two hundred yards but he enjoys every step. He inhabits a parallel universe of smells we, as humans, can't even imagine. And to him, the dog park is nirvana, a stinky paradise.


Sophie, our younger and much bouncier female, is so overcome with excitement every single time we arrive at the dog park that she literally bounces with uncontainable joy. She yaps and runs and bounces with so much joie de vivre that it makes me smile even on the gloomiest day.


In her head she is a mighty hunter, the scourge of the grasshoppers, the wildly optimistic chaser of birds and the nemesis of the vole! Luckily for all concerned, she makes so much noise yapping her head off and crashing through the bushes that she has never caught anything. But someday, she is sure she's going to catch that bird flying so swiftly ten feet above the ground. She just has to learn to jump higher!


As for me, I trail along happily behind them like a faithful servant, carrying my little bags of poop.


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